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Beoordeel 2022 Domaine Berthelemot Bourgogne 'Les Parties' Blanc

2022 Domaine Berthelemot Bourgogne 'Les Parties' Blanc

Our plot(s)
38 ares planted in 2008, situated at the foot of the Puligny-Montrachet commune
De Larense wijnkoperij.
  • Wijnimporteur met eigen (web)winkel en proeflokaal
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  • Al 35 jaar ervaring
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  • Bezorging
    Wegens grote drukte kan de levertijd afwijken
  • Mooiste wijnwinkel in 't Gooi
    Torenlaan 33a, 1251 HG Laren
  • Year 2021 : down in history for frost. The frost which hit the French winelands was the worst ever experienced. Our domain was seriously struck with a yield equivalent to a third of a normal grape harvest. The frost early in April, slowed down the growth rate of the vine which took time to recover in addition to which the season was marked by frequent periods of rain , beneficial for the life of the vine but complicating the control of mildew and oidium. It was not an easy season to manage right up to harvest time as from 18 September when again spells of rain did not facilitate matters ; nevertheless, healthy grapes were selected after careful sortation on picking and before processing such that on monitoring the maturity of the wine , its equilibrium is surprisingly satisfactory. The white wines are crisp and mineral with many citrus aromas, long and full in the mouth to different degrees depending on the vineyard.